Function Testing

How does a Functional Testing Company Make Software Testing Valuable?

A functional testing company is always expected to bring the software testing projects an immortal rise in terms of accuracy, speed, scalability, continuity, and quality. 

Security Testing

Top Security Testing Tools to Identify Potential Security Threats

Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption and secure access devices, and its money wasted, because none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain- Kevin Mitnick Software testing tools protect applications against potential security bugs and malware. Want to know about the best security parameters and tools? Give a quick… Continue reading Top Security Testing Tools to Identify Potential Security Threats

Software Testing

Automation Testing Measures for JobFLEX Software

JobFlex is an efficiently designed web-based construction management solution out there to create job quotations in a professional manner. This software allows its users to add any kind of logo, photo and contact detail to achieve higher response via quotes.  This software has some great features e.g. printing via Bluetooth and customization in process setups.… Continue reading Automation Testing Measures for JobFLEX Software

Software Testing

Software Testing Services For Non Profit Software

For any nonprofit organization, it’s necessary to use a fully efficient and reliable software testing approach to accomplish desired level performance in recording of their all membership events. WizeHive is among the best quality organization management software that is used by the thousands of world renowned nonprofit organizations. It’s a perfect quality report generator, customized… Continue reading Software Testing Services For Non Profit Software

Software Testing

Software Testing Companies Working Worldwide

As the team lead of a particular development house, it’s your responsibility to adopt those testing mechanisms which uplift the quality standards of your developed software. Sustainable approach in testing is the key to maintain expected performance for long-lasting time period. A software testing company make it possible for their clients to restrain optimal performance… Continue reading Software Testing Companies Working Worldwide


Google Launches New Pixel Smartphone

Google Pixel is now   the first mobile device manufactured by Google itself. Obviously it will help user to experience best software (Android Nougat) on finest device. On Tuesday this week, Company showed their new smartphone to the audience In San Francisco, California.  Although, in the past company has sold smartphones with the name “Nexus”. Now… Continue reading Google Launches New Pixel Smartphone

Software Testing

What Is Security Testing – We Really Need This Service for Our Business

Security testing is a crucial and vital testing approach so as to maintain the quality of an IT infrastructure, products, and software. A particularly designed software must have to be secured. Otherwise, any potential intruder can take the benefit of a minor security loophole. Security & Vulnerability assessment process needs to be carried out with… Continue reading What Is Security Testing – We Really Need This Service for Our Business