Why You Can’t Compare Kualitatem with Other Software Testing Companies

software-testing-servicesSoftware testing is a mandatory process, which helps IT information systems and financial business organizations around the globe to sustain required performance standards. Software testing companies are vital to delivering perfect testing results to all their worldwide clients as these have the necessary tools and frameworks to evaluate the quality of any information system or software.  As a software developer or manager of an IT information service you might have the experience to work with different software testing companies but Kualitatem is best among all. They are the pioneer of independent software testing which is now a necessity for every business organization or development houses to sustain the quality of their products either belongs to manufacturing or services industry. Kualitatem delivers a broad range of testing services that help to evaluate actual level of service quality processed by an IT system. Their well-renowned testing services are

  • Automation testing frameworks
  • Functional analysis of an IT infrastructure
  • Usability testing services
  • Security audits/analysis of IT system
  • Mobile App testing frameworks
  • Platform compatibility Evaluation
  • Penetration testing & security risk analysis

When it comes to Quality Assurance! No One Can Match Kualitatem

Kualitatem delivers impeccable testing services to their all native & worldwide clients. They provide their testing services across all key industry verticals which include; money & capital markets, healthcare, public sector, banks & financial institutions and digital media, etc. They have a more than 200+ satisfied clients worldwide, mostly belongs to the list of Fortune 500 companies. Their process of finding and evaluating bugs and vulnerabilities is unique and resourceful as compared to other software testing companies. It involves

  • Evaluation of multiple configuration protocols to restrain backward compatibility
  • Structural testing frameworks to identify bugs & vulnerabilities
  • Web/UI analysis of an IT information system
  • Analysis of network communication & internal computation
  • controlling the overall security standards
  • Removal of any functionally errors and connectivity errors

 “Quality growth partners” is their slogan, which Cleary depicts that how much they value quality during the accomplishment of their client’s projects. Their security and penetration testing procedures are perfect and accurate as these help financial intermediaries to maintain the performance standards of their financial services. Testing analysts at Kualitatem have years of experience in preparing standardized security testing tools and frameworks to accomplish desired level safety standards.

They know which specific testing device will deliver beneficial results so as to identify any kinds of a bugs or vulnerabilities attached to a software and how these will be helpful to restrain expected performance quality. The worldwide testing analysts have well approved their exceptional & customized testing frameworks as Gartner (IT Research Company) has ranked “Kualitatem” in the top ten pure play software testing companies of the world.




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