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What Is Security Testing – We Really Need This Service for Our Business

security-testing-company-security-testing-servicesSecurity testing is a crucial and vital testing approach so as to maintain the quality of an IT infrastructure, products, and software. A particularly designed software must have to be secured. Otherwise, any potential intruder can take the benefit of a minor security loophole. Security & Vulnerability assessment process needs to be carried out with a persistent approach, even after the launch of a particular software in the market. Security testing is essential for every business out there, if

  • It relates to financial inflows and outflows
  • Own a hedge fund or mutual fund worldwide
  • Hired a large development team but still facing proper & accurate documentation problem
  • Any Security lapse can cause tremendous damage to your business

Hire a Security Testing Company to Ensure Reliability in Safety Standards

Security testing is now a worldwide phenomenon, and it requires persistence approach as any security interruption can lead to a direct financial loss and reduction in customer loyalties.  Cost related to Target data breach in the fiscal year 2013-2014 reached to $148 million till the end of second quarter.  To sustain the security standards of your designed software, development manager has to consult with a security testing company as they have the complete knowledge and experience of performing HP, IBM, McAfee and Symantec testing tools.

Security analysis is a four-way process. In the first step of safety testing, testing executives write down the kinds of expected risk and security vulnerabilities those might be attached to software. After the completion of the first step, they identify the high-risk area which requires immediate attention. In the third phase, security testing executives implement the security testing tools and frameworks to remove out the bugs and vulnerabilities from a particular system.  In the fourth & last step of safety testing, bugs and vulnerabilities attached to security are removed out to maintain reliability. Security analysis process involves

  • Web application security analysis & testing
  • Mobile apps penetration & security assessment
  • Security analysis of IT infrastructure
  • Security testing which includes Voice over Penetration testing
  • Social engineering & Human hacking (ethical Hacking)

Security testing and analysis process should be carried out on a regular basis to maintain the desired overall quality of software, mobile app, financial product or IT infrastructure. Security analysis process should run whenever a new network infrastructure or application is added or install to improve the quality of a business process.  In case if you have decided to relocate your business location, Security analysis of the whole area will be mandatory otherwise you might have to face downfall in overall service productivity.


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