Why Do People Think Kualitatem Is a Best QA Services Provider

quality-assurance-software-testing-servicesWith the development of IT sector over the period, QA services are becoming an essential part of any business strategy to maintain the quality standard of their services. Any firm either it belongs to manufacturing or services business has to keep the performance standards of their products so as to uphold the loyalty of their customers. Kualitatem is the best QA services provider which have designed some advanced software evaluation and testing frameworks to maintain the required performance standards. They are situated in UK, USA, UAE and Australia; also have more than 200 worldwide clients. Below is the list of their most distinguished testing frameworks to maintain the overall quality of software or an app.

  • Automation quality assurance frameworks
  • Functional testing analysis
  • Mobile App testing frameworks
  • Platform compatibility testing measures
  • Responsive testing protocols to restrain quality
  • Usability testing frameworks
  • Security and penetration investigation which involves cloud reviews & cloud security

Kualitatem! An Award Winning, Independent Software Testing / QA services Company

As per the Gartner (IT Research Company), Kualitatem is among the top ten pure play independent testing services providers. They are the pioneers of independent software testing and because of that, worldwide software development houses loves to hire them as their software testing partners. QA services professionals at Kualitatem are correctly trained and experienced in performing reliable testing frameworks. They know how to maintain the quality of a particular Information system and which preferred tool will be helpful to sustain performance. Kualitatem delivers their QA services across numerous industry verticals like

  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Financial Markets (future, forwards, hedge funds)
  • Investment banks
  • Government sector
  • Digital Media

Delivers Quality Across all Key Industries with Perfection and Resourceful Testing Results

Security and penetration analyses are their unique and vital testing tools which help IT infrastructures and business organizations to identify any related bug or vulnerability attached to the safety of their service. Kualitatem motto is “QUALITY IS A STATE OF MIND, AND WE LIVE IT EVERY Day” so they always fulfill their promise. QA services analysts have result oriented tools to rectify the bug or vulnerabilities to restrain the quality of their client’s software. Customers know if they hire Kualitatem to assure quality then; they can release their app with full confidence. Here is the list of some testing tools they used to ensure quality during the implementation of their QA services.

  • Monkey Talk, HP UFT Mobile, Appium, Robotium
  • JMeter, Webload, Load Runner, Open STA, WAPT
  • Jiri, Mantis, Red Mine
  • HP Fortify, Static Code Analyzer, Smart Bear Collaborator
  • HP ALM, Quality Center, IBM Rational test suite, Test Link



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