Software Testing

Automation Testing Measures for JobFLEX Software

JobFlex is an efficiently designed web-based construction management solution out there to create job quotations in a professional manner. This software allows its users to add any kind of logo, photo and contact detail to achieve higher response via quotes.  This software has some great features e.g. printing via Bluetooth and customization in process setups. Without any doubt, it’s the best customer management and scheduling software out there, used by the thousands of multinationals across the globe. JobFlex is a kind of software that needs to be analyzed in a consistent fashion with the help of an automation tester to detect bugs and vulnerabilities at the initial stage of development. As the IT manager, it’s your responsibility to hire an automation testing company on a perpetual grounds to detect bugs form JobFlex software. Automation testing is a critical process, which delivers the following benefits to its users.

  • In automation testing, less amount of manual work is involved, so it means that chances of any human errors are very low.
  • Automation test analysis procedures lessen the overall development time due to increase in testing speed.
  • QA analysts love to employ automation test analysis procedures because it’s the only testing process which is more effective and result oriented.
  • This process simply enhances the productivity by sinking the overall development time.
  • Automation test analysis procedures allow QA professionals to use test cases again and again and save their precious time.
  • This process improves overall test coverage by shortening the test cycles via repetitive tests.

Automation Testing For JobFLEX Software

The religious users of JobFlex software have to understand the importance of automation testing so as to evaluate the quality within no time. In case if they will not go for the testing of their software than, there are chances that this software will become the victim of vulnerabilities and bugs. As compared to manual testing, automation is more effective and resourceful. Borland SilkTest, HP UFT/QTP, Rational Functional Tester, Monkeytalk, Robotium, Rational Robot and Telerik Test Studio are the major automation testing tools used by the automation testing company to evaluate accuracy and reliability in results. JobFLEX software will only perform well if it is tested out in a continuous fashion. The process of automation testing is as follows.

  • Feasibility analysis of Automation tools
  • Best tool selection
  • Evaluation of testing frameworks
  • Employment of automation testing frameworks
  • Bugs reporting and project closure

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