Security Testing

Top Security Testing Tools to Identify Potential Security Threats

Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption and secure access devices, and its money wasted, because none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain- Kevin Mitnick

Software testing tools protect applications against potential security bugs and malware. Want to know about the best security parameters and tools? Give a quick view of the list I have prepared.

Security testing is an essential part of software quality assurance procedures. Testing tools analyze the actual security levels of software or web application to make sure that the potential intruders don’t have any clue about a tiny loophole.  Security testing is a sustainable testing approach to rectify potential bugs and vulnerabilities throughout the product lifecycle. Top of the line security testing tools are as follows.

Knock Subdomain Security Tool: Knock Subdomain is an effective security scanning tool that helps to discover security vulnerabilities related to subdomains. QA professionals use this tool while performing black box penetration testing.

Iron Wasp: It’s a powerfully designed GUI-based security testing tool that evaluates more than 25 kinds of security vulnerabilities. This tools have the ability of detect false positive and false negative security vulnerabilities.

Google Nogotofail: Google Nogotofial is a network software testing tool. It checks application vulnerabilities related to SSL and TLS. It scans encrypted connections and their level of exposure to any potential security vulnerability. This tool may allow software testers to set up a router to evaluate VPN and proxy server.

Flawfinder: This tool scans any potential security bug from C/C++ to report and remove any security vulnerability throughout the development process.

BFB Testing Tool:  BFB tester is a tool to evaluate the security standards of a binary program. This particular tool helps to identify any potential bug in a tempfile of a software. It alerts the security professionals instantly after the recognition of potential vulnerability.

Nmap: It’s an open-source security scanner for the overall network discovery and security bugs evaluation. Nmap uses raw IP packets to find out the available host on the network. It precisely analyzes the firewalls and filters of a web application to make a correct assessment of security parameters.

Ending Note

The perks of implementing security testing tools are enormous. Software testing tools are essential to ensure overall security of a software/application on available platforms and devices. Optimized security measures are so helpful to enhance overall user’s appreciation.


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